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Bulgaria  will surprise you on your first trip.

It's the oldest Slavic country that has gone through the ages and has never changed its name.

 Located in the south-east of Europe, from the Danube Plain to the Balkan Peninsula between the Balkan Massif, Thrace of the North, the Rhodope Mountains and the Black Sea, Bulgaria stretches across the ancient lands of the mysterious civilization of the Thracians.

This civilization, one of the oldest in the world, has left a unique and rare heritage with the discovery of many archaeological sites, tombs and traditional objects (copper tools, ritual objects, pottery) and the oldest gold jewelry ever discovered.

You will be able to admire these exceptional treasures thanks to the very important collections of the numerous historical, archaeological, ethnographic museums of the country which expose them to the general public.

thracian-gold-maskThracian Gold mask

Bulgaria is a dynamic, multicultural, fast-growing country with rich historical and cultural heritage, hotels, restaurants and cultural and sporting activities at unbeatable prices in Europe.

The country is organized in 28 regions or oblast bearing the name of the city which is the chief town.

The economic and political stability of modern Bulgaria is indisputable and the national currency Bulgarian Lev is linked to the euro at the rate of 1.9583 for one euro.

The main cities to visit in Bulgaria are Sofia, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Varna, Blagoevgrad, Vratsa, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Haskovo, Ruse, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Sozopol, Ahtopol and many more.

You can easily reach your destination city thanks to the many airports and transport (bus and train) available in the country or book easily on the spot a rental car.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral - Sofia

Despite its small size, Bulgaria also has a generous and diverse nature - no less than 16 mountains with their own characteristics, 12 national parks, 380 km of beaches bathed in the Black Sea, 550 natural springs with mineral assets, curative or thermal, about 2000 caves or caves, and more than a quarter of the country is covered with forests.

Added to this is a flora of 3,000 species, a fauna of no less than 13,000 species or subspecies, not to mention species that are endangered in other European countries such as the wolf or the bear.

You will be seduced by the beauty and diversity of the ecological heritage and landscapes that Bulgaria offers and by the range of possibilities and activities on offer - winter sports, open air, caves and waterfalls, sea and well-being ...

Including browsing the sublime Pirin National Park, registered since 1983 on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO where you can admire the protected flora and fauna of the most beautiful natural reserve of the country.

pirin-national-parkPirin National Park

During your trip, you will also discover the exceptional wealth of Bulgarian heritage with the presence of many historic churches such as the iconic Alexander Nevsky Cathedral located in the capital of Sofia.

But also monasteries including the most famous added to the UNESCO heritage Rila monastery that you can visit and in some cases even stay there for a pious and quiet retreat in the heart of Rila Mountain.

And also enjoy the many art galleries, museums and events dedicated to the cultural and historical heritage of the country.

rila-monasteryRila monastery

If you yearn for a night life and less pious, you can visit the many cafes and restaurants specialties and Bulgarian cuisine, or even one of the many nightclubs in the country.

But you can also enjoy the azure blue water of the Black Sea and all the sea and wellness activities including visiting the sublime "Coast of the Sun" along the coast.

You will discover the beautiful cities and beaches of Nessebar (oldest city in Europe), Burgas, Varna, Sozopol and many more where Sun generous, beaches of fine sand and crystal clear water await you at the end of Spring.


During your trip to Bulgaria, for transportation, hotels and food, you will get very affordable prices.

For snacks and takeaways, it will usually cost between 2 and 5 euros including drinks, and for restaurants average prices range from 4 euros for the dish of the day to 10 or 20 euros for a very good meal.

As for transport, the capital of Sofia has its own international airport connected to the metro.

To cross Sofia by taxi costs approximately 10 euros, for this same price you will be able to make a hundred kilometers by bus or train across the country.

o get on a plane on holiday in Bulgaria, you can find on our website how to get a plane ticket to Bulgaria, find a good map and the different airports in the country.

Finally, do not miss out on Bulgarian local products, especially Bulgarian wines, Bulgarian Caviar, Bulgarian Spices and the famous Bulgarian Roses.

Rosa Damascena (Rose of Damascus)

 Indeed, the delicate and subtle scent of the Bulgarian Roses are unrivaled and famous throughout the world.

Rosa damascena (Rose de Damas) is the main variety cultivated in the fields of the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria and its natural essence is used by the greatest perfumers to come in different forms: perfume, soap,Bulgarian rose oil, rose water ...

You can find all the local products (caviar, wines, rose essence, Bulgarian spices) and traditional Bulgarian objects (gyvetcheta, iconography) by visiting our shop.

Come stay in this beautiful and rich country that is Bulgaria.

Family, couple, alone or with friends, discover History, Culture, Traditions and Festivals, the Cuisine of the country and many other unsuspected things.

You will come back from your trip to Bulgaria with unforgettable memories.

Have a nice visit and enjoy your stay in Bulgaria! 

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