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In the heart of Rila Mountain, located in the south-west of Bulgaria, the Rila Monastery is one of the country's must-see places. (+ map) Rila Monastery Located only 100 km from Sofia, it is the main and the largest Orthodox symbol of the country. And since 1983 he has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery was founded by Ivan Rilski (St. John of Rila), a hermit canonised by the Orthodox Church. Ivan Rilski Its tomb and its location became a sacred place, they were transformed into a monastic complex without the last rebuilding after a fire is considered a renaissance renaissance (18th-19th centuries). Saint John of Rila - Rila Monastery Trail Here you will find a main church, the monks' places of life, the defensive tower of Khrélyo and also a museum. With its architecture and frescoes, the monastery is a masterpiece of the creative genius of the Bulgarian people. And it is undoubtedly the most important spiritual and artistic center of Bulgaria. Rila Monastery Discover in this slideshow the splendor of the interior of the Rila Monastery as well as in a glimpse of some of its many frescoes At the foot of the hill with access to the monastery of St. John of Rila, you will also find stands where you can buy souvenirs and traditional items. Including Bulgarian Iconographies and beautifully decorated pottery. Souvenir shops This monastery is also a place of celebrations and vigils especially during the Festivals and Traditions of Easter. And the website dresses more than 800,000 people and a team of you want to be part of. Easter celebrations at Rila Monastery The entrance costs 50 euro cents. And for one or two euros more you can have a guide that gives you access to a closed part of the wall paintings of the sixth century. During your stay in Bulgaria, do not miss the magnificent Rila Monastery. And take place in this emblematic place full of history and spirituality in the middle of the Rila Mountains.

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