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Located in the heart of the ancient lands of the Thracians in the Upper Thracian Valley, Plovdiv is the second largest city in the country after Sofia and one of the oldest cities in the world even before Rome or Athens.
Plovdiv rests on seven rocky hills and is located close to the Maritsa River, making the area an ideal site for its growth.

Its history began some 6,000 years ago and will impress you with its beauty, dynamism and the warmth of its inhabitants.

The city's heritage of more than 200 archaeological sites, including some of national interest, testifies to the various Thracian, Greco-Roman, Ottoman and Bulgarian civilizations that have crossed it.
Roman Theater of Philippopolis in Plovdiv

The very center of Plovdiv itself is organized around its famous Roman Ancient Theater which is beautifully integrated and highlighted in the modern city planning.

This must-see venue still hosts concerts, operas and shows in a historic open-air setting.

But Plovdiv is also a beautiful Bulgarian city that will seduce you with its historic Old Town and its characteristic architecture of the Bulgarian Renaissance.
Old entrance of the fortress of the Old Town of Plovdiv

Its pedestrian streets, the colorful houses of the Bulgarian Renaissance, the Lamartine House (where the French poet, writer and politician lived in 1833) make it a city of impressive cultural and historical heritage.

The city is also rich in museums, galleries of contemporary art and an emergence of street-art that brighten up street furniture and some streets of the city's shopping center.

Plovdiv has been promoted European Capital of Culture in 2019.

It is a city easily served by the development of its airport and by many trains and buses.

This city of unique and authentic historical and cultural heritage will undoubtedly seduce you and make your stay in Bulgaria a rich and unforgettable memory.

Book without delay your flight ticket and your stay for Bulgaria.
Downtown Plovdiv

Discover to finish this wonderful promotional video of the city of Plovdiv promoted European Capital of Culture in 2019.

Have a nice stay in Plovdiv!


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