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Sofia Capital of Bulgaria

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and has 1.4 million inhabitants.

You will be surprised by its dynamism and beauty.

You will also notice a great contrast in the urbanism between the city center both modern and historical, and the suburbs whose many HLM testify of the communist period through which Bulgaria passed.

Located in the western part of Bulgaria not far from the Serbian border, at the foot of the Vitosha Massif and a few kilometers from the Balkan Mountains, the city of Sofia, which is crossed by the Iskar River, enjoys an exceptional geographical position.

Economic, political, academic and cultural heart of the country, you will find in Sofia all that a great capital can offer - many restaurants and bars of an extraordinary quality-price ratio especially on the Vitosha boulevard main pedestrian street of Sofia.

But also many shopping centers recently built throughout the city, offering a wide selection of local and foreign products and where you can do good shopping and find great deals while controlling your budget.
The largest city in the Balkans since ancient times, Sofia has a rich and varied historical, cultural and artistic heritage with many remains in the center of the city.
Sights and activities

The most visited tourist sites are the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral symbol of the city, the Church of St. Sofia and the Church of the Rotunda St. George considered as the oldest building in Sofia

In terms of cultural and social activities, you can visit the Ivan Vazov Theater or the National Palace of Culture, which hosts events, conferences, exhibitions, shows and concerts.

Also remember to visit and admire the collections of the National Gallery of Fine Arts.

Or those of the numerous museums of the city - the historical museum, the archaeological museum, the ethnographic museum and the museum of natural sciences which are located in the city center, near the place of the National Assembly where also the Parliament , the Presidency and the headquarters of the National Bank.

Discover in this slideshow an overview of the outstanding collection of the National Historical Museum of Sofia and the oldest Thracian treasures ever discovered

Transport in Sofia

To stay in Sofia, you will easily find many hotels and hostels.

Notably, the Art Hotel in Sofia, near Vitosha Boulevard which offers cheap rooms and an ideal atmosphere for groups of young people who want to meet people and discover the city.
Metro station in Sofia

To get around the city, Sofia has its own airport connected by a metro and bus transport network.

Click on the link for more information for your transportation.

Watch this video to better discover the capital of Sofia "Welcome to Sofia"

The Vitosha Mountain

Finally, for fans of winter and outdoor sports, Sofia also enjoys an ideal location.

Located at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, a beautiful panoramic view overlooking the whole city awaits you and where you can do many activities - skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or just picnicking and enjoy nature .

It is the closest site to the capital for hiking, mountaineering and skiing. The ?erni vr?h or "Black Peak" is the highest point at 2,290 meters above sea level.

Urban transport makes it possible to reach the forest in about forty-five minutes.


The Vitosha Nature Park is the oldest in the Balkans.

It covers about 27,000 hectares and the park includes two biosphere reserves, one of which is included in UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program.

Although the Vitosha is in the immediate vicinity of Sofia, the fauna and flora is extremely rich and varied.


Vitosha is also very rich in water with a large number of small springs and 8 larger springs giving rise to rivers, mostly tributaries of the Isk?r.

To discover in particular, the waterfall Bojana and the Struma - important stream that springs in the massif.

Take a break and breathe! Discover in video the Vitosha mountain near the city of Sofia


The capital of Sofia and its region is therefore a must to discover Bulgaria and its rich and varied heritage - its history, culture, cuisine ... whether you travel alone, as a couple, with family or friends.


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